Light, Poignant, Beautiful – Learning to Dance, anew, Around the World

This week the blogosphere has been buzzing with the release of Matt Harding’s latest global dancing video. The newest piece, which you should absolutely watch to ease into an optimistic and engaging weekend, is below. The best commentary I’ve seen on it is by Ethan Zuckerman at My Heart’s in Accra, who has tuned into the nuance of the production:

“Matt’s first two videos made me smile – his next two have made me smile and made me weep. The moments that get me are small ones, like the cut, in his 2008 video, between dancing with a happy group in Israel and a small group of children in Palestine. This time, he dances with four beautiful women in a Damascus ballet studio. Their faces are blurred out, for their safety, a gesture that’s both practical and deeply poetic. Matt dances with a regally poised woman in Pyongyang, surrounded by a crowd of men in sharp suits and women in elegant gowns. The video doesn’t engage in the awkward, empty shots of North Korea that portray the nation as a vast Potemkin village – it takes the radical step of showing North Koreans as fellow humans, smiling and laughing at Matt’s awkward pass de deux.”

Have a beautiful weekend.


Eric Hartman is a co-founder of this site, an independent consultant, and a university educator. During the coming year he will be leading a doctoral seminar on Fair Trade Learning for Prescott College and a graduate course on Urban Education for Temple University.

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