3 Responses to Twitter Roundup: Civic Engagement, Service-Learning, Volunteerism

  1. Bob Parks says:

    Hi Eric… Twitter seems to be a headline broadcasting medium, while at the other end of the spectrum, Google Hangouts allow highly visual discussions among small groups of participants. The variety in the spectrum presents lots of options … and hope for their use in building a better world. I guess I’m hoping for some convergence and linkage among the different communication options, so we can bring people along a range of communication channels into meaningful discussions and learning opportunities. By the way … Congratulations on the great job with this site.

  2. Sure, Bob – what did you have in mind? As I alluded to in the post, I’ve seen some pretty rigorous discourse in some of the global development blogs, and much of that is connected via twitter. It’s a connecting mechanism to broaden conversations and share best practices at its best. The Case Foundation just put together a pretty powerful short film on social media: http://www.casefoundation.org/videos/power-social-media-connecting-good

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